Building (it) Together


What is (it)?

Building (it) Together

Burning Glass Technologies and the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL) conducted an economic development and labor market analysis to examine issues and opportunities to grow jobs and economic prosperity in the Greater Birmingham, Alabama region, which includes Bibb, Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair and Walker counties.

Birmingham is only the second region nationwide to commission such a report from Burning Glass.

How (it) got its name

The name “building (it) together” communicates the need and opportunity for collaborative decision-making between industry and education moving forward. “(it)” is a flexible element that signifies the varying assets that will help to strengthen the Greater Birmingham region’s economic future, whether that is (talent), (entrepreneurship) or (momentum).

What The Report Found

The Burning Glass Technologies report revealed three key findings:

  1. Greater Birmingham’s key industries are non-traded, making the local industry mix disproportionately local in a globalized world
  2.  Greater Birmingham’s workforce is heavily concentrated in low-skilled occupations
  3.  Greater Birmingham’s higher-ed institutions provide the potential to develop global (and more heavily traded) industries

Where (it) is Recommended We Place Our Collective Focus

FOCUS Placed On These Industries:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing
  2.  Life Sciences & Biotech
  3.  Information Technology

FOCUS Placed On These Workforce Goals:

  1. Invest in training related to target industries
  2.  Expand co-op and alternate training opportunities
  3.  Organize around recruitment of executive talent
  4.  Strive for increased equity through non-traditional means
  5.  Increase high-school graduation rates
  6.  Focus on upskilling talent

How We Are Building (it)
Top Priorities and Bold Goals:

Career Awareness

All Greater Birmingham region residents have a deep understanding of the career opportunities available in high-demand sectors in the Birmingham region.

Upskill & Re-Engage

All residents have both the opportunity and access to raise their skill levels and actively engage in the Birmingham regional workforce.

Talent Attraction & Retention

The Greater Birmingham region increases their ability to retain their students and workers and is in a better position to attract more talent to the region.

(it) Partners

Building (it) Together’s lead partners include:


Central Six Alabama Works!

Regional Office

3620 8TH Avenue South
Suite 230
Birmingham, AL 35222


[email protected]


205-458-8966 ext. 1350

Service Areas

The Central Six Development Council serves the following counties: Blount, Chilton, Jefferson, Shelby, St. Clair, and Walker.

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